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A 2015 CDC report found that of students in the 9-12 grade, 17% have seriously considered suicide, 13.6% planned their attempt, and 8% of students made an attempt to take their own life.

At, this got us thinking: why is that too often we wait to extend our love, appreciation and compassion for others until it's too late? And what could we be doing to create a space for this to exist now? Our solution? The Box of Kind.

The Box of Kind™ is a kind curriculum for high school students and faculty that enables experiences in empathy and reduces isolation to create a more inclusive student body. 

The Box of Kind™ works to alleviate the causes of stress and isolation that many high school students feel, it encourages and equips students to practice and share kindness in really easy, meaningful, and tangible ways that inspire and drive human connection through intentional acts of compassion. While the Box of Kind™ does not promise to eliminate incidents of students acting out, it intervenes at the early onset stages of stress and isolation to reduce often correlating and contributing factors that lead to these higher level consequences. 

With every purchase from our HumanKIND collection™ you help to make the world a little nicer because we donate 10% of the proceeds from each purchase to help provide a Box of Kind™ to a high school student who wants to make their school a little kinder. 

Will you help make the world a little kinder? Click here to join Team Kindness.  


I was a senior in high school when I led my first Kind Week at Boise High School in 2014. Since then, the practice of extending kindness in a high school setting has grown as people both young and old continue to seek happiness and find it in helping others achieve happiness for themselves.

Today,™ and Box of Kind™ aspire to make the world a kinder place through practices in kindness, apparel for humanKIND™,  and Kind Week curriculums for local high schools. 

As a Junior attending Boise State University, I joined Venture College [Cohort 7] to learn more about how to launch a socially-concious business and do it well which has led me here today. I am excited to launch the sale of Team Kindness hats, a product of the humanKIND Collection™. For every hat sold, will donate 10% of the proceeds to fund a Box of Kind for a local high school so you can rest assured when you shop kind, you are helping to make the world a kinder place. 


Sienna George, founder of™ and Box of Kind™